Do god Really Exist??

God is  What we call a Pathfinder in our life. We all depend on god in no matter how many ways .
If Something goes wrong, the first person we remember is him and the same happens when something pleasant happens .

In other way we can say that our soul is totally dependent on god.

Taking Hindu Mythology into consideration every aspect of our life is related to him.Every season,every Happiness,every sorrow, every change ,every myth and every natural activity or calamity.

As we know we don't respect god, we actually are scared of them if you ask your mind and heart truly.

 So far as i think gods do exist but its just to contempt our lives,that is why we believe in god or in other words this is how our ancestors have taught us to live.

So far as the holy books are concerned they are just a fiction book which are designed in such a way that the appear real to us in every certain means and holds good in every circumstances which happen in our daily life.

So far as the book GITA is concerned it is the most awesomely book ever written in the history of this world. It is the inspiration to all Moral science books ever created in this world. It not only teaches how to lead our life wisely but also how to react to typical situations which arise in our day to day lives.But people take it into wrong way they mug it up without learning the lessons from it.

Being a hindu i must not state this but i have to express what i feel, that the whole system of Hinduism has taken a U turn and few people has taken these books in a wrong way. They have started to make people scared of God in the hunger of their own profit and respect .

When i visit temples i see people begging for their needs and wasting their time in standing in the queues for have just a glimpse of god but telling u very frankly watching a sculpture of god does not change anything or pouring the purest form of water or milk will not help you out in making your things being completed or making your dreams come true. But one thing what i believe is that it will surely build your confidence since you will always be thinking that the god is with you helping in whatever way which is simply nothing but a MIRAGE of your mind . As well said by one of our Prominent Gods "krishna" that WORK IS WORSHIP which is blindly ignored by the people.If you work hard for a project ,spend lots of your mind,time and concentration then it is obvious that it has to be successful,so at that time also you congratulate instead praising your hard work.

So what i want to say is that i too believe in god because they are our culture or what we call in our language "SANSKAR" but i don't believe in miracles as for example: whatever marks i get in my exams is totally based on how good i write the paper not on how many times i recite god's poem.

So if god exists it does only for a moral support not for making things well or correcting the mistakes we do in our life,they exist in holy books to show us the right paths to lead a good and pleasant life.

People say that GOD is OMNIPOTENT that is they are present everywhere and yes they are because if our surrounding we face different situations from which we can learn the way to lead our lives and that is the work of our GOD to show us the right path .

Hence this is how the GOD is for me and this is how i treat my GOD so if this behavior of treating my God is Hurting anybody then am very SORRY people because this is what my personal feeling and beliefs and it is not meant for disrespecting anybody.

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