काँच के वो ख़्वाब नाज़ुक थे हमारे सारे !!

छूने से ही टूटने लगे...

मन्नतों में उम्र भर का साथ जिनका माँगा !!

हमसफ़र वो छूटने लगे....



Sitting among the crowd felt solitary,
Touched by something but don't have it in my glossary,

A replica of a face juggling all around my eyeballs,
Mixed feelings of that image revolving around my memory walls,

This is non sense I point my mind again and again,

also uncertain, would I be able to regain,

Its confusing so am searching a solution,

Either am insane or its just a beautiful emotion,

Tending to write but falling short of words,

Mind checked long back imagining like an independent bird,

I imagine someone who is very close,
Thus following the clock for her appearance to disclose,

Is this an unbounded relation or an unconditional love,

Feels splendid and touching but still perturbed

BY :-


Cold Aura

Everyday in my shell I feel the cold Inside,
When keep my feet ahead my door its warm outside,
Its new aura which restricts me to convulse my sight,
Although its been some time to this vicinity,
But still I find this treasure trove all unspoiled,
Its a Big vicinity for personage like me,
But still Wandering for luminary in the citified,
Adapting to envelope as soon as I could,
Yet Finding it hard alone to revive,
I know am solitary to this place,
Still Struggling to get way for me from this haste...
Yes a new place is as new as my Dreams every Night...

Still I feel Cold Inside.......

By :
Ankit Sahay  


A night which never ended !!

The window was wide open and a persistent light breeze was making its entry, a soft music was being played in the background in some radio station and I was sitting on my Study table lost staring at the full moon glowing as if  it was moon's happiest moment.
That feeling was heavenly and was driving me somewhere I never belonged to. I was in an open arena of cognition, the more I was entering inside, the more it was getting broader. It was kind of chain of thoughts letting me enter from one intuition to another. It seemed my thinking was dancing on the Soft tune playing in the background. 
At one Point of time I was a child and on the other I was a liable man. Meanwhile I was smiling at the life which I spent and it was such a glee that often does not make appearance.

Musical Atmosphere was icing on the cake for that moment, which was changing the environment and behavior of My Imagination and was allowing me to fly in my peripherals of thinking and may be beyond. 
And all this time the territories of my memory walls were pushed to their maximum threshold values and I was swimming in the view of the happiest time I have spent in my life Journey.

During this wandering I halted at a station of my Journey where I was a kid doing all craziest thing ever possible, unaware of the consequences, having no threat of any obstacles what so ever and simultaneously laughing at myself like an Insane as well and yelling inside the thinking "when will those days knock my door again", may be never but contenting myself  at least I had those time when I was brave otherwise these days people are closed in their shell and can't even speak their mind, even if they want to, and  the next second I thought where am I reaching, that is not the correct path where am heading to, I am supposed to enjoy this moment, this juncture is like a rainbow which is a rare view.

And accordingly in the adjoining moment,  my imagination swings to the beautiful old song playing softly and my mind tries to get in the rhythm and dives deep into the lyrics and tries to perceive it wants to convey, and when I understand the meaning- I feel like, how deep people can think and project it in form of music, Human mind is creative and intelligent, it has the power to novice our thought and presenting them into reality.

Then all of a sudden the shuffling of song takes place,the most adorable song of mine is on Play mode and I get dissolved into the tune  densely such that I never came to know when my eyelids meet and drove me into nap.
Some hours later, some diluted sun rays fall on my skin,a couple of  birds starts to chatter around my ear, which unfortunately wakes me up and I am again short of beautiful dreams and Imagination.

With all irritation left inside me  I yell to my Soul, I wish "The Night Never Ended" !!!

Ankit Sahay 


Women's day

8th March is such an significant date on the calendar. It reminds me of the people who are as important as Oxygen and Water in any men's life, specially me. They are visible to us in different avatars, would it be our mother, friend, grand mother,sister,aunt,teacher or any other female.
Yes, you have guessed it right am writing about the strongest species of mankind which will ever exist on the earth "WOMEN".

To be very precise there can't be anything which is as beautiful, tough, soft, caring and transparent as Women.

They are the source of Love, Care, Faith, Beliefs and don't know how many emotions.
So far as I remember when I first opened my eyes I felt her warmth and care as my MOTHER, when was very young enjoyed her stories in my GRANNY, when grew a bit old I got her learning as my TEACHER, and now when am grown up I can find her faith in my friends and sisters.

I hardly remember any field where they have not proved their mark, but what an irony, they are still struggling and find themselves helpless to get the desired attention and spotlight in our world.

This is an obvious indication of how selfish we are as we are cutting that branch on which we always relax.

Respect and care is what they deserve in return but we always award them with heartless pain and sorrow.

Thanks to god I took my birth as a MALE to experience their LOVE and CARE, if I would have been a FEMALE then I could not have withstand their PAIN and the amount of love they spread all across the world.

Hearty love to all women specially my MOM,

Dedicated to all the women.



Falling Apart

Standing on a road where everybody in passing by,
Jacked by fortune or my deeds, unable to Determine.

Watching Everybody ahead keeps me Surprised,
am I least deserving or my fate has no Divine. 

Thinking I might end up having null in my fist,

Amazed having nothing achieved even things on the  top of the List.

Confused what has to be done, to settle things down,

Also, afraid if my future  might drown.

Time has reached when I have to walk alone,

Scared whether I might be snatched away from this Time Cyclone.

By :-



Feeble Feminine

Still a Girl's Birth is taken as Curse,

Still Girls are Suppressed by Us !!

Although feminine have proved their mettle all across the Earth,

Still Masculine act Superior over girls...

Brutal Inhuman Series of Crimes still Haunting Girls,

Still they are Force Muted for Raising their words,

World has failed to remember "Females are the Origin of Us",

They are the Home of learning and Care as Mothers and Sisters,

Equality is every girl's Birth right,

But we explore them begging for it in sun & moon light,

Lets pledge to reward their Respect,Equality & trust,

And Check them from crying "The Unbiased world is Not with Us"...

RESPECT "WOMEN" and their Dignity....

Because Today Female Empowerment is an Urgent Necessity...    

By :-


Once I was a Kid

Once upon a time I was a KID who had no sense of MATURITY,
Use to think Life 
is full of FRATERNITY,

As I grew learnt some Chapters,

People ignores a common man whatever is the Matter,

we expect some gratitude from this world ,

we receive almost nothing but a meaningless role,

World doesn't know the TRUTH,

Every Child is born here with something to prove,

Time must not be favorable always to prove that impression,

But Watch does wait for that absolute Time of Summation,    

Relations fluctuate their status with no change in reality,

and they do bring some recitation when they show their actuality,

Continuing a Soul is nothing but a BID,

This is what I learnt since am growing as a KID..

BY :-




Life has turned Disgrace 
Hitting Challenges on The Face,

Testing and teasing Patience,
Leaving No Sign of Renascence,

Obstacles has started to become the best Pal
Conditions are such like, mistakes have no Reeval,

Standing On Such a duo edge
 Falling any side births a Rage,

Working out Nothing any idea,felling or sentiment
My conscience is Stone Strong yelling, Yes  am going through Resentment.......



Move On

Life is concise so move on,
whatever comes in the way just Skip around,

Don't regret what you went through,

cope up with sorrows which passed you,

Being decent and Good is Harmful at instances,

Be a bad boy at times to show your inside faces,

Nobody is Dirty inside,
but this world makes people keep their white reputation besides,

Be what you are good or bad,
This universe gives  nothing to characters until they need you at useful sight.



Diverging In Shadows

Climbing the Ladders one after another.
Destination is blurring but mind does not bother,

Unnoticed how far I have come,
Added no milestones in my way I have done,

Have tried hard frequently to prove my mark,

still thirsty for any significant reward,

Failure is what I expect the least,

Soul is searching for eminence like a hungry beast,

Changing avatars for hiding in the groups,

But these matter least when shown mirror of truth,

Some time needed to gets stabilized,

Soon will be back to make this universe surprised.

BY :


Writing, An Experience

Writing was a question in early part of my life but we kept meeting each each other during exams because it was a compulsion then.

That slice of writing was also joyful but the main difference was it being a must, but the time has evolved and has taken a revolution from adolescence to maturity.

My thinking has started to flow like a smoke in all directions, my view of thinking regarding atoms of life has emerged like a light of a dying candle. 

I have learned the modules on how to handle relations,People and especially friends. I also taught myself when to tighten shoes for situations good or evil.

In short am living alone more than 1700 kilometers away from the place where I have experienced most of my tutorials about Life.

I still don't get through this concept as when I was at home I had all time in the world, I met diversity of  people but I never experienced the life changing chapters which has become an inescapable part since I moved out of my home.

But thankfully this acquaintance isn't taking away anything from me, instead am meeting loneliness frequently and it has greeted me the opportunity to do what I like to do the most since a long watch, It offers me a ride of all new experiences, which takes me to a different world of imagination, the place where everything is possible,and that place is jotting down my cognition.

I am inspired to write all regarding my emotions, this experience is a synonym to reach an all new heaven each time I begin to do it and its unstoppable.

Its like an undisputed addiction which is wining each time I argue with, and I wish this partnership does not break unless am tired of #Writing.




Do god Really Exist??

God is  What we call a Pathfinder in our life. We all depend on god in no matter how many ways .
If Something goes wrong, the first person we remember is him and the same happens when something pleasant happens .

In other way we can say that our soul is totally dependent on god.

Taking Hindu Mythology into consideration every aspect of our life is related to him.Every season,every Happiness,every sorrow, every change ,every myth and every natural activity or calamity.

As we know we don't respect god, we actually are scared of them if you ask your mind and heart truly.

 So far as i think gods do exist but its just to contempt our lives,that is why we believe in god or in other words this is how our ancestors have taught us to live.

So far as the holy books are concerned they are just a fiction book which are designed in such a way that the appear real to us in every certain means and holds good in every circumstances which happen in our daily life.

So far as the book GITA is concerned it is the most awesomely book ever written in the history of this world. It is the inspiration to all Moral science books ever created in this world. It not only teaches how to lead our life wisely but also how to react to typical situations which arise in our day to day lives.But people take it into wrong way they mug it up without learning the lessons from it.

Being a hindu i must not state this but i have to express what i feel, that the whole system of Hinduism has taken a U turn and few people has taken these books in a wrong way. They have started to make people scared of God in the hunger of their own profit and respect .

When i visit temples i see people begging for their needs and wasting their time in standing in the queues for have just a glimpse of god but telling u very frankly watching a sculpture of god does not change anything or pouring the purest form of water or milk will not help you out in making your things being completed or making your dreams come true. But one thing what i believe is that it will surely build your confidence since you will always be thinking that the god is with you helping in whatever way which is simply nothing but a MIRAGE of your mind . As well said by one of our Prominent Gods "krishna" that WORK IS WORSHIP which is blindly ignored by the people.If you work hard for a project ,spend lots of your mind,time and concentration then it is obvious that it has to be successful,so at that time also you congratulate instead praising your hard work.

So what i want to say is that i too believe in god because they are our culture or what we call in our language "SANSKAR" but i don't believe in miracles as for example: whatever marks i get in my exams is totally based on how good i write the paper not on how many times i recite god's poem.

So if god exists it does only for a moral support not for making things well or correcting the mistakes we do in our life,they exist in holy books to show us the right paths to lead a good and pleasant life.

People say that GOD is OMNIPOTENT that is they are present everywhere and yes they are because if our surrounding we face different situations from which we can learn the way to lead our lives and that is the work of our GOD to show us the right path .

Hence this is how the GOD is for me and this is how i treat my GOD so if this behavior of treating my God is Hurting anybody then am very SORRY people because this is what my personal feeling and beliefs and it is not meant for disrespecting anybody.

Personal Thoughts




Romance not my cup of tea

Am a boy who does not know what Love is,
Is it reality or I don't wanna know what it is,

Moving away is what I practice ,
But I can't figure out why is this my tactics,

I feel love when I hear a romantic song,
but in real life don't know where have they gone,

Is this my nature or strictness of my parents,
because I never talk to girls at midnight on my terrace,

I Wish will find her someday,
If not my parents have to bring her on my wedding day!

All I know is that I have feelings inside,
But very sorry am expressionless outside.




People around us are so unrelated that we can't come up with a similar thought. As well said by our ancestors Many head many Thoughts.
People who take initiatives and does a positive and constructive work are always criticized our History Books say that aloud. I guess few people are living to criticize people without taking into consideration their efforts.
Taking an example, during our school exams the first question our friends used to ask "you have studied all the concepts, I think you will excel in this exam" but the fact is he is instead checking out whether "has the other guy read more than him or not".

Our environment has such an diverse condition that everyone is dependent on others but still wants to get ahead of each other on any ground and by any means.

People will remain people and we can't help it, but after surviving with these people closely, we change ourselves scared of being criticized.

That's not the purpose of our existence or our Evolution.

What do you think ?


A Solitary Road with ambitions.......

I walk a solitary road,
the road which has been made by me,

The road which were supposed to have milestones,
Which are not built because of my fortune,

The road which fond me alone,
Which does not allow anyone to add on,

And this is the way I choose for myself,
To live to breathe and succeed,

This is going to back me up till the end,
When am giggling, sad or insane in the mid,

This is the street which put me here,
Who tweets a poem by putting his emotions untouched by care.

By Ankit Sahay


The world for you

Do not try to change the world,
You will fail,
Try to love the world,
And the world is changed for u,
Changed forever.


Best days of my life

Those were the best days of my life when the only responsibility I had was to do homework,
Those were the best days of my life when going school everyday was habit,
Those were the best days of my life when the only superhero was Shaktiman
Those were the best days of my life when not covering the notebooks with sheets was punishment,
Those were the best days of my life when playground which I knew was my terrace,
Those were the best days of my life when the only restaurant I went was my dining table,
Those were the best days of my life when the pocket money meant chocolates,
Those were the best days of my life when the summer vacations were full of mangoes,
Those were the best days of my life when N.C.E.R.T books were Bible,
Those were the best days of my life when watching an English movie was a sin,
Those were the best days of my life when fully filled Slam book  was an achievement,
Those were the best days of my life
Those best days were my childhood
Ankit Sahay's Childhood..
By :- 
Ankit Sahay



Hope abides,
Therefore I abide,
Countless frustrations have not cowed me,
I am still alive, vibrant with life,
The black cloud will disappear,
The morning sun will appear once again
In all its superb glory.


Stolen Heart

In her eyes I saw my future,
In her tone I found love,
In her kindness I found hope,
In every day her thought haunted me more,
In my heart a blend of love formed,
In my head the thought scared me like a trapped animal,
I had to fight my conscience which fought between itself,
The decision to make was intriguing,
The step to take was like a dug grave,
Mixed emotions, Poor choices,
Like a thief I vanished,
A mending heart was all she was left with.........