Feeble Feminine

Still a Girl's Birth is taken as Curse,

Still Girls are Suppressed by Us !!

Although feminine have proved their mettle all across the Earth,

Still Masculine act Superior over girls...

Brutal Inhuman Series of Crimes still Haunting Girls,

Still they are Force Muted for Raising their words,

World has failed to remember "Females are the Origin of Us",

They are the Home of learning and Care as Mothers and Sisters,

Equality is every girl's Birth right,

But we explore them begging for it in sun & moon light,

Lets pledge to reward their Respect,Equality & trust,

And Check them from crying "The Unbiased world is Not with Us"...

RESPECT "WOMEN" and their Dignity....

Because Today Female Empowerment is an Urgent Necessity...    

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