Women's day

8th March is such an significant date on the calendar. It reminds me of the people who are as important as Oxygen and Water in any men's life, specially me. They are visible to us in different avatars, would it be our mother, friend, grand mother,sister,aunt,teacher or any other female.
Yes, you have guessed it right am writing about the strongest species of mankind which will ever exist on the earth "WOMEN".

To be very precise there can't be anything which is as beautiful, tough, soft, caring and transparent as Women.

They are the source of Love, Care, Faith, Beliefs and don't know how many emotions.
So far as I remember when I first opened my eyes I felt her warmth and care as my MOTHER, when was very young enjoyed her stories in my GRANNY, when grew a bit old I got her learning as my TEACHER, and now when am grown up I can find her faith in my friends and sisters.

I hardly remember any field where they have not proved their mark, but what an irony, they are still struggling and find themselves helpless to get the desired attention and spotlight in our world.

This is an obvious indication of how selfish we are as we are cutting that branch on which we always relax.

Respect and care is what they deserve in return but we always award them with heartless pain and sorrow.

Thanks to god I took my birth as a MALE to experience their LOVE and CARE, if I would have been a FEMALE then I could not have withstand their PAIN and the amount of love they spread all across the world.

Hearty love to all women specially my MOM,

Dedicated to all the women.




  1. Its always an awesome feeling when men takes out time from their busy schedule giving pressure on their head, thinking about the love, faith, care, warmth, and strength of a women and writing few lines on her.
    Being a women i feel so proud on reading these things, but on the other moment when i see people pushing women aside, snubbing them, it hurts too.
    The world is changing and so the urge to change the way people think.
    So lets not celebrate women's day following the calender, it should be made a 365days job.
    Happy Women's day !

    Thanks Ankit for such beautiful lines. :)

    1. Thanks For the Reading the Article 1st Of all, Its my pleasure and honor to write about women who deserve much more than they are awarded :) Thanks a lot once again

  2. Good work Ankit.Keep it up.Salute to your thinking..keep writing such articles and inspiring others :)

  3. Thanks :) I'll make sure it continues till my last breath :)