A night which never ended !!

The window was wide open and a persistent light breeze was making its entry, a soft music was being played in the background in some radio station and I was sitting on my Study table lost staring at the full moon glowing as if  it was moon's happiest moment.
That feeling was heavenly and was driving me somewhere I never belonged to. I was in an open arena of cognition, the more I was entering inside, the more it was getting broader. It was kind of chain of thoughts letting me enter from one intuition to another. It seemed my thinking was dancing on the Soft tune playing in the background. 
At one Point of time I was a child and on the other I was a liable man. Meanwhile I was smiling at the life which I spent and it was such a glee that often does not make appearance.

Musical Atmosphere was icing on the cake for that moment, which was changing the environment and behavior of My Imagination and was allowing me to fly in my peripherals of thinking and may be beyond. 
And all this time the territories of my memory walls were pushed to their maximum threshold values and I was swimming in the view of the happiest time I have spent in my life Journey.

During this wandering I halted at a station of my Journey where I was a kid doing all craziest thing ever possible, unaware of the consequences, having no threat of any obstacles what so ever and simultaneously laughing at myself like an Insane as well and yelling inside the thinking "when will those days knock my door again", may be never but contenting myself  at least I had those time when I was brave otherwise these days people are closed in their shell and can't even speak their mind, even if they want to, and  the next second I thought where am I reaching, that is not the correct path where am heading to, I am supposed to enjoy this moment, this juncture is like a rainbow which is a rare view.

And accordingly in the adjoining moment,  my imagination swings to the beautiful old song playing softly and my mind tries to get in the rhythm and dives deep into the lyrics and tries to perceive it wants to convey, and when I understand the meaning- I feel like, how deep people can think and project it in form of music, Human mind is creative and intelligent, it has the power to novice our thought and presenting them into reality.

Then all of a sudden the shuffling of song takes place,the most adorable song of mine is on Play mode and I get dissolved into the tune  densely such that I never came to know when my eyelids meet and drove me into nap.
Some hours later, some diluted sun rays fall on my skin,a couple of  birds starts to chatter around my ear, which unfortunately wakes me up and I am again short of beautiful dreams and Imagination.

With all irritation left inside me  I yell to my Soul, I wish "The Night Never Ended" !!!

Ankit Sahay 

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