People around us are so unrelated that we can't come up with a similar thought. As well said by our ancestors Many head many Thoughts.
People who take initiatives and does a positive and constructive work are always criticized our History Books say that aloud. I guess few people are living to criticize people without taking into consideration their efforts.
Taking an example, during our school exams the first question our friends used to ask "you have studied all the concepts, I think you will excel in this exam" but the fact is he is instead checking out whether "has the other guy read more than him or not".

Our environment has such an diverse condition that everyone is dependent on others but still wants to get ahead of each other on any ground and by any means.

People will remain people and we can't help it, but after surviving with these people closely, we change ourselves scared of being criticized.

That's not the purpose of our existence or our Evolution.

What do you think ?

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